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People are the central focus of ceramist Jikke van de Waal-Bijma’s work. In the motto above she has managed to capture precisely in words that which she wants to portray through her sculptures. Jikke models from clay, building up the work through clay slabs.

The skin of the artefacts bears special importance in her work. Not only the skin of the human figure but also man himself in al his many qualities and manifestations. The greatest challenge hereby lies in harmonising the concept with the technical possibilities of the material. Limitations posed by the material must always be taken into account. This creates a tension field in the search for boundaries in new shapes and possibilities. 

People from other cultures inspire her. She portrays the shaky position of the individual within a group, but also the pride and the independence.
Human figures continue to fascinate her. The constant fascination for the human shape and their relation to each other. In her work she depicts man’s stance in the world, in the most conceivable manifestations.

Man leaves his trace and time leaves its trace on man, this is repeatedly conveyed in her work. Time, that influences man’s thoughts and actions.
Man as a time traveller, people underway. People who, through communication, are brought back to the very essence of human existence.

A man can grow in his existence. What does the individual do with the time afforded to him or her in life? Issues such as personal responsibility are addressed. The seizing of opportunities. The coming to certain insights within the boundaries of personal possibilities. Often her human figures are combined to form an inseverable whole. Separate, yet connected.
Jikke frequently exhibits her ceramic and bronze statues in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

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